One might not initially make the connection between rock and roll and borderline sociopathic existentialist philosophers, but upon further reflection one might begin to see more and more this outlook being expressed through song.  In this instance, the song Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The beginning of the song, where the singer states that he must be traveling on now as there are too many places that he’s got to see, shows the higher man’s dedication to his unifying project, in this case traveling.  The singer even sees those around him instrumentally to his project, such as the girl with whom the singer chooses not to stay.

The band’s song states positively that they cannot change, even with the help of the Lord.  This acceptance and embracing of being bound in their fated prison gives them an overman perspective, allowing them to truly be free. This paradox of the free bird being bound by the inability to change personifies Nietzsche’s paradox of the overman being bound to his strong personality, but being free to be who he is without restraint.

The symbolism of the bird gives rise to the notion that instead of being a part of the land-bound herd, the singer is flying high above, having ascended into the overman state. Being this “Free Bird” allows the singer to escape nihilism through sick guitar solos that melt your face off.

In conclusion, I’m doing this instead of writing the actual existentialist paper that I’m supposed to be working on.