Since Liberalism turned out to be a huge flop, let’s look further left to see what else we can find. Oh hey look it’s Socialism. Now, by definition, Socialism isn’t actually a political ideology. The original definition of Socialism is when the community runs the businesses, and “community” has traditionally been interpreted as the State, which would normally make it a political ideology. However, Google defines Community as follows: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common; or, a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. This, to me, doesn’t really scream “the government”.

So does this mean that the municipality should run the businesses? No, that’s stupid too. What does a politician or community organizer know about how to sell widgets? The community best able to run a business would be the community of that business itself.

Look at the way our businesses are run today. We may not live under a monarchy, but we certainly work under one. Those at the top live in opulence and gratuitous wealth, and dictate terms down to the feudal lords of middle management, who own franchises or departments rather than land, which is then tilled by the manufacturing-line serfs. The political system that most of the world abandoned as obsolete, oftentimes via guillotine, is still more than prevalent in how most corporations function.

So what if the business was owned by its community? First and most importantly, everyone would have a say in how the business was run. This would not only foster equanimity in businesses, but would also streamline efficiency. Those who work in different sectors usually have an idea on how to best manage that sector, as they are on the frontlines. Having first-hand experience directing operations rather than hierarchical, trickle-down dictatorship blundering over common-sense errors that could easily be avoided if those creating policy understood the mechanisms of the practice, seems like a no-brainer exercise.

If everyone shared in the profits, and the business finances were open and transparent for those within the company, the wage-wars between unions and CEOs would disappear. The whole idea of a union, or even a singular owner, would be obsolete. The Us versus Them mentality would dissolve; unions are basically petition groups to the imperialistic rulers of the corporate kingdom, and if that paradigm were gone, then there would only remain an Us. I’m not even suggesting equal pay for everyone involved; we’re not so far left to touch on Communism just yet. I think even the janitor in a hospital would never demand as much pay as a doctor that operated there, due to the difference in stress levels, educational requirements, etc. However, I also think the janitor knows how to clean up after those doctors better than the owners of the hospital, or the doctors themselves. And having an equal voice among them, would be able to be heard if need be, and make demands that would ameliorate his or her ability to both work and live.

Despite Obama’s Islamofascism, Socialism isn’t a political ideology at the state level. It is, however, at the business level. It’s not centralizing power to the government, nor is it giving those lazy union workers a leg-up over their hardworking, gumption-based private sector counterparts. Its function is to bring democracy into the realm of society that currently needs it most: our work force.