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In constancy,
It loses its meaning
Infrequency is never enough
Language in itself is a futile representation
A child’s drawing of a Rembrandt masterpiece

It is something to embody
Every gesture, every glance
Every smile, every touch
My dreams, my passions
My jokes, my vulnerabilities
My dullest conversations
All of me
Becomes the expression of my truth

Ephemeral, eternal
For now, for always
I’ll say it once, and live it forever
“I love you”

Meat Loaf is known for three things: being the sole visible casualty of anarcho-conformism in Fight Club, singing songs about doing anything for love except for one thing, and going great with ketchup. The philosophy of Fight Club is soul-crushingly tedious, sugary tomato paste isn’t particularly scintillating either, but I am dead set on writing a blog about Meat Loaf, so I guess we’re stuck with that one song of his that everyone thinks is about anal.


But I won’t do that!

Meat Loaf is pretty clear about all the things he would do for love.  He would run right into a metaphysical plane of existence, for instance, and then come back. In addition, he would never lie to the person he loves, and that’s a fact. When pressed about his commitment to doing anything for love, Meat Loaf agrees to all sorts of conditions: coordinating his lover up or down according to which direction is most suited for the occasion, helping her move, and adjusting the thermostat.

What’s less clear is what he wouldn’t do. Near the end of the song, Lorraine Crosby accuses Meat Loaf of eventually cheating on her, just like every other man. Meat Loaf says that he won’t do that. This makes the song somewhat confusing since saying that you’ll do anything for love except screw around on your partner isn’t the most conventional vow.


“If you *REALLY* loved me, you’d have sex with that woman!” “Nah babe, I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that!”

I mean, unless there’s a silent third party in the song that Meat Loaf is in love with, but he won’t have sex with this third party while he’s still in a relationship with Lorraine? Let’s just assume for the sake of this blog that Meat Loaf and Lorraine Crosby have a weird swingers thing going on. In any case, Meat Loaf has made a vow, and regardless of how far his relationship goes, he will not give up this one part of his autonomy.

Let’s get real for a moment here. To give you all a tantalizing glimpse into my own love life, I once had an argument with a past girlfriend where she was upset because I had asked her to pay for bowling after I had paid for supper. It was her belief that as the man, I should pay for the dates to their completion, and in return, she, as the woman, would prepare home cooked meals for me. I’m not the biggest fan of gender roles, personally, so we got into a bit of a tiff. The relevance here is that she exclaimed, “I would do anything for you!” and my reply was that this clearly was not the case, as she wouldn’t pay for bowling.

People make this claim all the time, despite the fact that most people have limits, be it screwing around, paying for two rounds of bowling, or having anal sex. Even the most devoted person probably wouldn’t kill their parents for love. “But Lorraine Crosby would never ask me to do such a thing!” Meat Loaf might exclaim, “She’s not that kind of person!” Who decides what kind of person Lorraine Crosby is? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Meat Loaf. My ex-girlfriend believed me to be a man’s man, which I am definitely not, so she would do anything for me only insofar as I adhered to that mold. We make this claim of eternal devotion if, and only if, we have confined our partner into a box that we define.

The importance of this analysis is obvious when we look at cases of desperation. If a man will only treat his partner well if she acts in such a way that conforms to his idea of what a lady should be, for instance. Or the unrequited stalker who would do anything for his obsession except leave her alone. I would do anything for love, but I won’t allow self-determination or independence.


I would sing for her, kill Beasts for her, but only so long as she doesn’t read books! She might start getting ideas, thinking…

Jean-Paul Sartre posited that any relationship is about transforming your partner into an object, or becoming the object they wish you to be. The person who would truly do anything for love, including killing their parents, has abandoned themselves completely and exists only as their partner’s whim. On the flip side, we are fully prepared to give the entirety of our autonomy only after we’ve convinced ourselves of our partner’s objectification.

Jean-Paul Sartre is a miserable sod, so let’s ignore him. Let’s focus on Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf is clear in his boundaries. There is no way he is going to screw around, no matter how much her love might depend on it. Meat Loaf is also great at communication: the entire song is a dialogue between two partners hashing out their expectations for the relationship. Both are allowed their autonomy, but this hinges on fundamental respect and a commitment to overcoming ambiguity with dialogue. Meat Loaf would not, in fact, do anything for love, and it is only for this reason that those two love birds might have a shot after all.

You are indescribable.

The most captivating painting, the most enchanting song; the great artists fumble to convey the beauty you live effortlessly every day, and capture only a fraction of it.

The English language has words like flawless, but saying you are flawless eliminates the best parts of your character that irresistibly draw me to you. We have perfect, but describing you as perfect does not communicate the joy it brings me to see you smile. Telling someone of your perfection doesn’t enlighten them of the inspiration your generous deeds produce, how the magic you bring to the world makes it a home. It’s just a word. You are the sun, giving me light and warmth. Giving me life.

I don’t know what else to say. The sun feels like a failed metaphor, because you are so much more. You are the stars in the heavens that guide my path. The moon that offers me sanctuary in darkness. You are the whole sky, showing me an infinite of possibility. An infinite of hope. You are my universe. I could not exist as I am if not for you.

For you, I would do anything. For you, I would suffer any anguish. Any pain. Any grief.

And for you, I do.

Because you are gone.

The clichés tell me that you would leave a void inside of me, but the reality is the opposite. I feel you every day inside me. Tearing at my organs. Eating me alive. I embrace it because it’s the only piece of you I have left. It is the world that sits empty. The universe that has been drained.

Life carries on, but as a broken animatronic. Jolting corpses play around me, pretending to laugh. Pretending nothing has changed. Trying to indoctrinate me into their grotesque theatre. But it is barren. A wasteland of existence. There is only you, and me, and the agony of a dead universe where neither of us is real.

We are alone.

We are alone.

We are alone.

We are alone.



I am alone.